Ford’s attractive-looking EcoSport continues to be a popular and consistent seller. This, despite the fact that it first went on sale almost seven years ago. So, what is it that keeps customers coming back for this facelifted version, and does our automatic-equipped EcoSport still have something extra for those of you who enjoy ‘wheel time’ more than others? It’s time to tabulate all the pluses and minuses we’ve gleaned after a year of it being in our fleet.

Nothing like taking a quick refresher drive, so it’s key in pocket, and out for a quick spin.


First up, that door ‘thunk’. Absolutely love it. It speaks volumes about the Ford’s solid build and delivers plenty of confidence. And isn’t it good to know you have some amount of protection if someone comes at you at a right angle.

Also, the more I use these seats, the more I like them. And that’s…

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