Even with a slew of features ranging from the technologically advanced to the sumptuously pampered, and an excellent warranty with service plan, the 2020 BMW 8-Series is not a value, in coupe, convertible, Gran Coupe, or M variants. 

Upstart makes such as Genesis and even the gorgeous interiors of Mercedes-Benz have proven that luxury and value are not mutually exclusive. They are for the 8-Series. 

We give it an 8 for 10 for excellent standard features, luxury-loaded options, much-improved infotainment, and a solid warranty. But it’ll cost you, a lot, so we dock it one point.

All of the 8s get a 10.3-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback on the controller in the center console. BMW wants you to access vehicle info and media lists in every way imaginable, but the best is through the cloud-based voice control. The worst, or most…

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