Pickup trucks should be an extremely rational purchase. Like, garbage bag- and skim milk-type rational. But the most rational pickup of them all doesn’t get a second thought. Why?

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline is our highest rated mid-size pickup—by a large margin, actually. That’s in part due to Honda’s good sense to include active safety features on all trim levels of its truck, but also because the Ridgeline largely skips fleet-focused, stripped-out trucks that are useful for work, but penalized on our ratings scale. 

Looking for logic in all the right places, I spent a week with the Honda Ridgeline and found love in all the wrong places. Its TCC Rating is 7.0—Porsche 911 stratosphere, actually—and I wanted to know why. 

Here’s where the world’s best pickup for all the wrong reasons hit and missed. 

Hit: Function > Form…

The Ridgeline excels at being…

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