‘Great lockdown car’ sounds like a paradox, but if you like to drive, then there really is such a thing. With driving so severely limited, even small grocery runs are to be cherished and treated like fun weekend drives.

Keyless entry: One less item to touch, with the key safe in my pocket.

Luckily for me, I have the Aura 1.0-litre turbo, and it’s real fun on short excursions around my place, like a little pet dog, I guess. No, I’ve never had one, but from what I see with my neighbour’s dog, you take it out for a walk and at times it won’t move, you’ll be desperately pulling it along and then at other times it will suddenly bolt, straining at the leash, with you hurrying along. Through all this, owners aren’t perturbed; instead, some even find delight in it.

That’s pretty much what the Aura 1.0 is like, there’s some amount of turbo lag and, in the city,…

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