The bold styling of the 2020 Lexus LS four-door sedan is coupled with a high-tech interior that seems at odds with a springy ride.

This is a flagship sedan for another market. Lexus aims the LS at Chinese buyers who value spacious back seats and pampered rides. Those values aren’t entirely forgotten here in the States, though an upcoming high-end, ultra-luxury SUV headed to Lexus showrooms soon shows where we’re headed here. 

The big LS is worth a look, though, and we rate it at 7.0 out of 10 points. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

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This year, Lexus adds the Inspiration series, dials back on available exterior colors, and makes a white interior available with the F Sport package.

Don’t look for a V-8 under the LS sedan’s hood. The LS 500 uses a twin-turbo V-6 rated at 416 horsepower that sends power quickly to the rear or all four wheels…

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