The question: Could the 2020 Lincoln Aviator Reserve transport five middle-age dads for a long weekend away at Lake Tomfoolery?The luxury three-row SUV could, but only if we left our coolers behind. But lake life goes with coolers like Lincoln land yachts go with 30-way power massaging front seats. Instead, there would be three dads, three duffel bags, two coolers, food for the group, a hammock, and a glow-in-the-dark bocce ball set. 


Even though we took two vehicles, everyone took a turn getting massaged in the front buckets of the Aviator. With all the snoring in the lake house, the Aviator tempted as a luxury suite. Those 30-way front seats with power thigh extenders and butt massagers were part of the $11,625 Reserve II package, which was part of nearly $17,000 in options that juiced the sticker price to more than $76,000. Comfort comes at a cost. 

A high TCC…

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