What is it?

The new Kicks Turbo with its new, 156hp turbo-petrol engine, promises to be the most fun-to-drive version of Nissan’s SUV yet. An SUV we’d been waiting to drive for a few months, our disappointment when we finally manage to lay our hands on the car, however was palpable. There are absolutely no visual cues to tell us this is the new turbocharged version; no new bits on the exterior, no new stickers, not even a ‘Turbo’ badge. Even the interior is identical.


Where it is new, however, is under the hood. Co-developed by Nissan, Renault and Daimler, this high-tech turbo-petrol engine has been designed to replace punchy diesels. This is why it delivers a substantial 254Nm from just 1,600rpm in this form, and to make it feel punchy, great focus was laid on low-speed responses and low-energy airflow. The turbo uses an electric wastegate for faster…

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