The 2020 Tesla Model 3 sedan was never going to be palatial, but we can’t help but be disappointed by the lapses in material and build quality. Those flaws cancel out the roomy cabin and comfortable seats, bringing our total score to a 4 out of 10. 

Appropriate for a car that sells on efficiency, the Model 3 offers plenty of interior space, thanks to a cab that’s pushed toward the front wheels and a roofline that arches up and over the cabin so its highest point is right in line with the pillars that split the front and rear doors. The design also provides ample trunk space—15 cubic feet before you fold down the seats, and it feels even bigger than the numbers suggest. The only thing hampering space is the narrow trunk opening.

The cabin feels big, especially with the big panoramic glass roof there to let in ample natural light. The…

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