The 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV extended version addresses the biggest shortcoming of the full-size luxury SUV: more cargo room. Following the redesign of the standard wheelbase 2021 Escalade, the ESV (Escalade Stretch Vehicle) grows in proportion to increase cargo volume by 18.1% over the outgoing model, Cadillac announced last week.

But how much space does that $3,000 upcharge get you over the regular Escalade? The smaller 2021 Escalade based on the GMC Yukon and Chevy Tahoe is plenty big. It grew by seven inches in length to nearly 212 inches, which added 10 more inches of legroom to the third row and boosted cargo volume behind it from a tiny 15.2┬áto 25.5 cubic feet. The ESV is 15 inches longer than the 2021 Escalade, with nearly two inches more leg room in the third row and 41.5 cubic feet in back. The only challenge it should face space-wise is fitting itself in a…

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