Jeep’s off-road bona fides stay intact with the 2021 Cherokee. Although it doesn’t have the same boxy shape—or offer Forest Service green—with the newest Cherokee, Jeep has an off-road SUV in mall-ready crossover clothes.

It earns a 5.8 TCC Rating. It can be a monster off-road, and also a bad dream at the pump. It’s not as efficient or as spacious as rivals but if you’re considering a Jeep, we hope a hard right off pavement is in your near future. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

This year, Jeep adds active safety features including automatic emergency braking and active lane control to all Cherokees. A commendable move, but also a little later than rivals from Toyota and Honda. Our favorite engine is even more limited now—at least it’s still available in Limited trim.

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The Cherokee, which is offered in Latitude, Latitude Plus, Latitude…

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