The 2021 Subaru Legacy mid-size sedan comes with more standard safety features and a modest price bump of $175 from the 2020 Legacy. The 2021 Legacy starts at $23,820, including a destination fee that increased from $900 in 2020 to $925 for 2021. 

New standard equipment includes adaptive LED headlights, a rear seat reminder, and rear passenger seat belt reminders. Adaptive headlights point in the direction of the steering wheel to see farther ahead in the intended direction at night. The rear seat reminder chimes and flashes a message in the instrument cluster when the car is shut off to remind the driver of rear-seat occupants if the rear doors had been opened to start the trip; rear-seat passengers must also buckle up or it will trigger a chime and alert until the seat belt is latched. 

The new standard safety features complement Subaru’s suite of standard…

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