• Audi claims its Vehicle to Home (V2H) system does not require an inverter, thus making it more efficient
  • System comprises of the 12kW DC wallbox charger and a 9kW home storage unit to charge and draw power from the e-tron
  • Technology co-developed by Audi and Hager Group

Audi has begun working on bi-directional charging technology, which would allow its EVs to act as an extension of the electricity grid.

How does the technology work?

The technology, developed by Audi and Hager Group and being trialled on the Audi e-tron electric SUV, allows electric cars to not only receive electricity from home stores via wall chargers but also give the stored energy back.

In Audi’s test grid, the e-tron operated with a DC wallbox with a charging capacity of up to 12kW, as well as a home storage unit with a capacity of 9kW. Because of the DC voltage level in the overall grid, Audi…

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