Swiss firm Micro, best known for creating the first foldable aluminium kick scooter in the 1990s, has revealed the BMW Isetta-inspired Microlino 2.0 prototype compact urban EV. The Microlino 2.0 has been developed to offer just the right amount of space, range and performance according to average usage statistics.

  • Expected to enter production in September 2021
  • Microcar weighs in at just 513kg and will have a top speed of 90kph
  • Minimalist cabin features floor mounted steering column and digital instrument cluster

Micro says that, on average, “a car is occupied by only 1-2 people and driven just 35km per day”, meaning normal cars are “too big for 95 percent of their usage”. The Microlino, it says, provides the “ideal mix” between motorbikes and cars.

Microlino 2.0: Design and cabin

Like the Isetta from which it takes heavy styling influence, the Microlino features…

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