Historic French marque Delage is going after the road car lap record at the Nürburgring with the D12 hybrid hypercar, its first model in more than 65 years.

  • Delage will make 2 versions of the hybrid hypercar – the D12 GT and D12 Club.
  • Delage will use a 7.6-litre, V12 engine, making 1,100hp in the D12 GT and 1,010hp in the D12 Club.
  • Only 30 units of the Delage D12 will be produced.

What is the history behind Delage?

Founded in 1905, Delage began as a race car company, winning titles like the 1924 European Grand Prix in Lyon with its 2 LCV, before pioneering luxury cars such as the D6 and D8. Production ended in 1954, with the brand remaining dormant until its resurrection by CEO Laurent Tapie last year.


What is the Delage D12?

As mentioned above, the D12 is a hybrid hypercar that is claimed to offer a driving experience on a par with Formula 1 racers, and will…

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