• Figo 1.2 to get a 6-speed torque-converter automatic gearbox
  • Will be the same automatic gearbox from the EcoSport SUV
  • Expected to launch by end-August 2020

Ford will soon launch a new automatic version of its 1.2-litre Figo hatchback. The automatic gearbox used will be the same 6-speed torque-convertor unit seen on the Ford EcoSport. 

Displacing 1,194cc and putting out 96hp at 6,500rpm, the 1.2 Dragon engine makes a good amount of power, especially for a car of the Figo’s size. Performance is healthy at high engine speeds, and the 1.2 Dragon has a relatively strong mid-range. Where there is a bit of a power deficit is at low engine speeds. Here, throttle responses are lazy and the engine takes its time to respond. 

The good bit here is that a torque-convertor automatic gearbox firms up throttle response at low engine speeds (by multiplying torque), and this should help the Figo…

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