Gemopai Electric, the Noida-based e-scooter manufacturer, has announced a three-year service-warranty scheme called ‘Gemopai Secure’ for its model line-up, which includes the Miso, Astrid Lite and Ryder. As part of the scheme, the scooters will be eligible for 12 free services. 

Of Gemopai’s three-model line-up, the Miso and Ryder are low-power options, with top speeds of just 25kph. On the other hand, the Astrid Lite is a higher power model and we even tested it earlier this year; you check out its full review here

For those of you who haven’t heard of Gemopai, here’s a quick introduction. The manufacturer has a strong Chinese connection in the form of Opai Electric – a manufacturer with over 15 years of experience in the EV field, and a total of 25 international patents for its line-up of 70 electric two-wheelers and three electric car models.


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