Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) has confirmed it will produce a racing version of the recently revealed T50 supercar.Codenamed T50s, the track-only variant will feature extensive revisions that promise to make it even lighter than the road-going version, at just 890kg.

  • Cosworth-sourced V12 to develop in excess of 710hp
  • T50’s 6-speed manual to be replaced by new unit with paddle shifters and new drive ratios
  • Upgraded aerodynamics to develop over 1500kg of downforce

What cosmetic changes will it get over the standard GMA T50?

On the cosmetic front the T50s will receive a significantly upgraded aerodynamics package. The road-going T50’s signature rear-mounted fan will be paired with a new rear wing, new front splitter, underbody aerofoil and adjustable diffusers. The track-car will also feature a new mounted aero fin to boost cornering stability.


Combined, the…

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