Seventh Infiniti JX concept teaser image

Seventh Infiniti JX concept teaser image

We’ve been covering the release of the 2013 Infiniti JX crossover for some weeks now, and we’re happy to report that the end (of the teaser images) is here. Above is image seven of seven, a rear three-quarter view of Infiniti’s upcoming seven-seat luxury crossover. If you’re sensing a theme here. you’re correct: the teaser image campaign was titled “the Power of Seven,” in reference to the seven passenger accommodations of the JX.

The 2013 Infiniti JX crossover will be revealed tonight, at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. We’ll have more images following, and (hopefully) we’ll even get to see what the inside of the JX looks like. We’re fans of the Inifiniti FX’s interior, quilted seats and all, so we’ve got some expectations for what the JX interior should look like.

The production 2013 Infiniti JX will makes its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November, so don’t expect to see any significant design changes to the JX between now and then. The model should launch next spring.


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