The hydrogen-powered Hyperion XP-1 has been revealed, with the company planning to put the alternatively fuelled supercar into production in 2022.

  • Powertrain combines hydrogen fuel-cell technology with supercapacitors.
  • Claimed to have range of over 1,600km between refills.

What details have been revealed about the Hyperion XP-1?

The two-seat XP-1 combines hydrogen fuel cells with supercapacitor storage to power multiple electric motors. Drive is sent to all four wheels, and though performance details are limited, the company claims it will be capable of a 356kph top speed and should manage 0-96kph in 2.2sec.


The XP-1’s carbon-fibre hydrogen tanks will hold enough fuel for over 1,600km of driving at street-legal speeds and can be refilled in less than 5min. The XP-1 will also feature active aerodynamics that double as solar panels, articulating to follow the position…

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