Range. It’s always on your mind; you have one eye on the battery’s state of charge (SOC) and you never want to wander too far from an electrical socket.

Range is the most crucial consideration factor for most EV drivers. That’s what I thought too. But after living for many months with the Kona EV (the last three in various degrees of lockdown), I’ve developed a rather blasé attitude towards something that had put the fear of God in me ever since I nearly ran out of charge in the original Reva over a decade ago. So have I been cured of range anxiety? You could say that because I am no longer gripped with panic even when the SOC meter drops to 10 percent. I know I’ll have enough juice for another 30km at least if I ‘hypermile’ in Eco mode, and that distance has been my outer limit on my daily drive for most of the time the Kona EV has been with me.



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