It’s ironic, but I’ve actually clocked more kilometres on our long-term Venue in these work-from-home times than I ordinarily would have. And that’s despite the Venue having been parked for much of the three months since the last report. The 3,700km added in the time have largely come from the Venue’s deployment as a support car on shoots. Social-distancing norms dictate we limit the number of crew members in a car so where one support car (our trusty Lodgy) would suffice in the past, now we need up to three, depending on the scale of the shoot. This has translated into more outings for the Venue (and me) than usual.

Our shoot locations are usually far out of town, so the bulk of my driving has been on the highway. This is reflected in the fuel-economy numbers. Our Venue 1.0 Turbo manual has been averaging around 16kpl, with the MID reading upwards of 18kpl for instant…

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