• Hyundai Venue will debut the iMT technology in India
  • iMT will automate clutch operation though driver is to manually change gears
  • Kia Sonet to come with iMT system in coming months

Hyundai has announced that it will soon be introducing a new transmission technology to the Venue compact SUV. Dubbed as an intelligent manual transmission (iMT), the gearbox will be introduced with the 120hp, 1.0-litre, direct-injection, turbo-petrol engine later this month. Hyundai promises the ‘first-in-industry’ gearbox technology to combine the strengths of manual and automatic transmissions.

What is intelligent manual transmission (iMT)?

You can think of this ‘two-pedal, clutch-less system’ as a hybrid of manual and automatic gearboxes. The task of shifting gears rests with the driver, as with a conventional manual gearbox, though the iMT does away with the need of a clutch…

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