It his feels just like a dream – bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, exceptional air quality and perfect visibility. And that hyper-cleanliness you normally get in a dream? That’s there too. Once on the expressway, things become even more surreal.

There are almost no cars or trucks around, and on the long stretches, I can easily see three or four kilometres ahead. Piloting the Jeep now feels like flying a medium-sized, twin-engine bomber. I soon realise the safest way to not constantly run at 180 or 190kph is to use the cruise control. Once engaged, all it takes are occasional or small inputs at the steering wheel.

Auto pilot: Cruise control is a boon on empty stretches.

And I just have to monitor the systems and watch my surroundings; the ‘auto pilot’ actually does a brilliant job. The thumb controls do take some getting used to. I’ve seldom used them…

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