What is it?

Crossover by name, crossover by design, the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross is a sort of halfway house between an SUV and a large hatch. Designed to deliver the best of both worlds, and do it well, the S-Cross, however, started life in India, at something of a disadvantage. No, there was anything intrinsically wrong with it, and it wasn’t lacking in any important area either; far from it. It’s just that the drooping bonnet and crouching profile didn’t exactly match with what Indian buyers expect an SUV should look like. No surprise then, that the S-Cross – first launched in 2015 – wasn’t exactly a runaway success.

Initially the S-Cross came with two Fiat-sourced diesel engines – a 90hp, 1.3-litre unit and the imported (and rather fun) 130hp, 1.6-litre mill. The latter was too expensive and found few takers, and was subsequently discontinued with the introduction of…

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