Rosalee Craig’s small, 92-year-old frame sidles comfortably into her wheelchair. 

The back of it says “Drive,” advice she’s taken to heart. In her garage is a red 1966 Mustang that she bought new for a little more than $3,000, just down the street. Her grandson and caregiver James watches over the Mustang now, which he still shows off even if it’s seen better days. 

Rosalee hasn’t driven it in a long time. She sits in her wheelchair, perched on a pillow and wrapped in a fleece blanket Kathy Kreidler gave her over the holidays. Today, Kathy brought her pork cacciatore and meatloaf for tomorrow. Dessert, too. 

Kathy’s smile is infectious and starts at one corner of her mouth. The tone of her voice rises toward the end of every sentence in a way that you want to hear what’s next. She wears a floral print shirt, jeans, comfortable fur-lined clogs—it’s easy…

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