It was only a matter of time before the new Royal Enfield 650cc platform was expanded on. The spy images you see here suggest that the company has done just that, with a long and low cruiser.

The immediate giveaway that this bike is not based on Royal Enfield’s upcoming new single-cylinder platform is that it has twin exhaust pipes, with one on either side of the bike. We don’t get a very clear view of the engine, but it’s enough to tell us that the cases on either side seem to be almost identical to the Royal Enfield 650 twins, although the test bike gets black cases instead of chrome. Another giveaway is how spread out the rider’s feet are, which suggests there’s something bigger hidden in there than a 350cc single. We can also just about make out the oil cooler mounted to the front of the frame – a feature that the soon-to-be-launched air-cooled Royal Enfield…

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