Nissan has improved on the production process for carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) parts allowing for faster manufacturing. Currently used in airplanes, rockets and sports cars, Nissan aims to use the new process to mass-produce CFRP parts and introduce them in more cars for customers.

  • Revised process speeds up development time of CFRP parts
  • Uses Computer Assisted Engineering to simulate parts of the process  
  • Carmaker aims to use CFRP parts in more of its future cars

The revised process speeds up the development of car parts made from carbon fibre reinforced plastics, or CFRP.

How has Nissan sped-up the development process?

Nissan found a new approach to the existing production method known as compression resin transfer moulding. The existing method involves forming carbon fiber into the right shape and setting it in a die with a slight gap between the…

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