The 2015-2018 Ford Edge and 2016-2018 Lincoln MKX crossover SUVs will be recalled for a brake hose leak that could increase the risk of a crash, Ford announced Wednesday. 

The front brake hose could rupture in affected vehicles, causing a brake fluid leak. If the brake fluid level falls below a safe threshold, a brake fluid warning light should illuminate in the instrument cluster. Drivers may notice more brake pedal travel, or that it takes more effort to brake without as much response. The car may not brake as quickly or effectively, increasing the risk of crash.  

Ford said it was not aware of any crashes or injuries due to the issue. The recall encompasses 558,610 vehicles in North America, with 488,594 of the vehicles sold in the U.S. and manufactured at Ford’s Oakville Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada, between June 25, 2014 and Dec. 21, 2017. 

Ford will replace…

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