The safest cars don’t need to be expensive and teen drivers don’t need to be driving old beaters, according to a new survey. 

The IIHS teamed up with Consumer Reports to develop a list of the 65 safest cars that are valued between $5,300 and $19,600. This is the first time the two organizations have worked together in developing their recurring safest cars for teens recommendations.

While the list prioritizes safety for the most inexperienced and at-risk drivers, it can apply to any car shopper who values safety on a budget. 

Vehicles on the list have to meet six criteria. The safest cars come equipped with electronic stability control, which was mandated on all new cars as of 2012 to help drivers regain control and mitigate spinouts or plowing. The safest vehicles earn above average reliability rankings from Consumer Reports‘ member survey; score average or better on…

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