• Eventual discontinuation of the popular 3 GT prompted BMW to consider LWB version for India
  • 3-series LWB wheelbase is 110mm longer than standard model 
  • India will be the first market to get the right-hand-drive 3 Series LWB

BMW, in an unexpected, yet very smart move is gearing up to launch the long-wheelbase 3 Series in India. Expected to hit showrooms by mid-2021, COVID-19-related delays not withstanding, the more comfort-oriented 3 Series will be the only long-wheelbase sedan in its class and it has the potential to shake up the market. It also comes as a replacement to the long wheelbase 3 GT which, despite its unconventional looks, turned out to be BMW’s bestseller in India. With the 3 GT discontinued all over the world and with no plans for a replacement, BMW India is readying the 3 Series LWB to fill the void. 

There’s little doubt that the long wheelbase…

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