• The initiative has been started by a Bharat Petroleum fuel station in Pune.
  • It reduces the physical interaction between customers and attendants at the petrol pump.
  • Customers can choose to refuel by cost, volume or even fill a full tank.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, an increasing number of businesses are looking to incorporate social distancing in their daily activities. One such example is a Bharat Petroleum (BP) fuel pump located in Pune, which has introduced a new self-service system under an ‘Atmanirbhar’ campaign.

How does the ‘Atmanirbhar’ self-service pump work?

This system negates the need for an attendant at the petrol pump to help with refuelling, thereby promoting social distancing.

There are three main ways in which a customer can operate the fuel pump machine. The first is to fill by quantity of fuel, for which the customer can enter the…

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