Bangalore-based EV start-up Simple Energy aims to launch its electric scooter in May 2021.

  • Simple Energy e-scooter has a claimed range of 240km

  • It has a claimed top speed of 100kph

  • To go on sale in Bengaluru and Delhi initially

The company claims to have raised an undisclosed amount from angel investors UiPath’s VP – Global Business and Finance Operations Vel Kanniappan, and from pre-series funding from four other investors.

Simple Energy is also looking to raise USD 8-10 million (Rs 51-74 crore) in Series A funding in the second quarter of this year. The start-up aims to launch its flagship scooter in May 2021, making it available initially in Bangalore and Delhi, followed by Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.



The Simple Energy electric scooter – christened Mark 2 – is claimed to have a 240km range in Eco mode. It has a a mid-drive motor, a removable battery,…

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