When the test-car fleet crew drops the 2021 GMC Yukon to me on Tuesday, September 15, I’m still optimistic.

“I think you made it just in time,” I joke. Sally is a tropical storm much further down the Gulf Coast at that point, but I’m aware of it. I track it on my phone all day, then at night as my eyes fall and my phone fumbles out of my hand.

In the middle of the night a moan rushes through the balcony glass panels. I snap awake and pull up Twitter. Sally has made a hard right turn, and is pushing toward Pensacola Beach with 105-mph winds, right for us, and right for the Yukon—which has to be back in Atlanta within 48 hours.

I’ll be test-driving the Yukon right in the middle of a hurricane.


At 2:30 in the morning a strong Category 2 hurricane sounds like an ambulance in the distance, one that never gets any closer yet refuses to turn off the…

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