Towing is no longer a job only for pickup trucks. Lugging the boat and all the family toys is a family thing and there plenty of SUVs up for the task. Even though pickup trucks keep making inroads into family vehicle territory, the SUVs listed here can fit a family in more comfort and tow more than 5,000 pounds.  

If you envision the family toys growing alongside the family and expect to tow more than the small pop-up camper, fishing boat, jet skis or dirt bikes, then you’ll need a vehicle that can exceed that towing benchmark of 5,000 pounds. 

Full-size SUVs ranging from the Ford Expedition and Chevy Suburban to the Cadillac Escalade and Infiniti QX80 are the most capable because they’re based on trucks. Those beasts can tow anywhere from 8,000 pounds up to 9,300 pounds. We’ve narrowed our list to SUVs that are less obvious, ranging from fully capable mid-size SUVs…

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