What’s life without passion? We don’t want to know. For people like us, cars excite those passions. The thrill of acceleration, the exhilaration of a track drive, and the need for speed all set the heart aflutter. 

At The Car Connection, we ignite those passions in hundreds of cars every year on tracks and canyon roads. When we get the chance on a closed circuit, we toss the cars into corners to see what kind of line they carve, jump on the gas to see and feel just how quickly they can accelerate, and rail on the brakes to experience their strength and stability. We look for other traits, too, like steering feel, response to inputs, body lean, and ride quality. In this type of testing, certain cars stand out and we reflect that in the ratings we award for performance. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

The following are the five and only five 2020 vehicles we award a…

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