People buy cars for different reasons. For many of us, they provide simple point A to point B transportation. Some of us, though, appreciate how much fun they can be.

At The Car Connection, we reflect fun in the performance category of our rating system. Some hard numbers play into our performance rating. How fast is the car in a 0-60 mph sprint? How quickly can it stop? How many G forces can it handle on a skidpad? How quick is it around a track? But we also consider other factors, like steering feel, the quickness of the car’s responses to driver inputs, transmission programming, body lean or the lack thereof, and ride quality. (Read more about how we rate cars.)

To make these determinations, we drive the cars hard on racetracks, cruise in them on city streets, and play with them on canyon roads.

We only test cars from mainstream brands. No Ferraris, Lamborghinis,…

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