Toyota expanded its recall of vehicles with a faulty fuel pump and ordered dealers to stop selling newer models because the failure can stall the engine and increase the risk of a crash, the automaker announced to the NHTSA on March 4. 

The low pressure fuel pump inside the fuel tank can fail, and should be replaced. Warning lights may alert the driver and the engine may run rougher and stalled vehicles may not restart, Toyota told dealers of Lexus and Toyota models. The recall for Toyota and Lexus models now includes 1,817,969 vehicles.

The initial recall Jan. 20 covered 695,541 new models, but the expanded recall added some older vehicles while some newer ones were taken off the list. 

Affected Lexus models include:

2018-2019 ES350

2018-2019 GS 300/350

2013-2014 GS 350

2014-2015 GX 460

2014 IS F

2017 IS 200t

2018-2019 IS 300

2014-2015, 2018-2019 IS 350

2018-2019 LC 500,…

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