The Royal Enfield rival that Honda is set to launch on September 30 will likely be called the H’Ness (Highness).

Honda H’Ness latest news

Last week, Honda revealed that it will launch a brand-new motorcycle in India. Now, we’ve got our hands on a trademark application that hints that this Honda bike will be called the H’Ness. 

Honda has been using the ‘Highness’ term in all its promotions so far, but as you can see in the image below, the trademark application for ‘Highness’ was opposed, while another one for ‘H’Ness’ has been approved.

Honda H’Ness sound

Earlier this week, Honda shared with us what the upcoming Honda H’Ness will sound like. The audio clip is of an exhaust note that sounds exactly like that of a Royal Enfield’s signature thump. It reveals what the bike sounds like while starting up, at idle and as it accelerates through the…

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