• New suspension system is completely different from the Tricity’s and Niken’s

  • Patent image shows the presence of lean-controlling actuators

  • New suspension system is said to be lighter than existing one

Yamaha is working on a new suspension mechanism for its trikes, as per a leaked patent image. The mechanism is expected to debut in an upcoming product under the brand’s Leaning Multi-wheel portfolio (LMW). Also, since the patent image shows the new system attached to the chassis of the Tmax 560 maxi-scooter, it has fuelled speculation that Yamaha may be developing a Tricity 560, powered by the same 562cc, parallel-twin engine as on the Tmax.

Currently, the LMW line consists of the Yamaha Tricity 125 and Tricity 300, while the MT-09 based Niken sits at the top. What sets the trike in the patent images apart is that, unlike the existing system of…

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